December 20, 2016


To the Woman Struggling to Get Back Up,

It seems that a story always has more impact when it comes from the lips of someone that has lived it. Divorce is a struggle for some, knowing that there is a light on the other end and that there is hope may be all you need to make it. I have struggled through divorce and have been reborn with a mission to help those that are working through the same difficulties that I experienced.

Personal growth and healing are difficult, there is no denying that, but when it comes to finding your path to healing there are many that are ready and willing to help.

Divorce Recovery Advocates Working for Women LLC., is an organization that was founded in an effort to help women find their selves, find their purpose, and find their path to personal forgiveness of self and healing.

Divorce is not something that one can simply get over or get past in an afternoon, it takes dedication, devotion, and often help from places you never even knew existed.

Sometimes having someone simply sit with you, no words exchanged, is enough to give you the strength to take one more step.

It is my hope and sincere desire that women that have hit rock bottom, those that may have contemplated ending their own lives, those women that feel there is no way out, can find a way to healing despite these lows.

Draw for Women was founded to give women that feel they have reached rock bottom, find a way back up. Divorce is a taboo topic for many and sadly that means that many issues that are fairly common are often glossed over or avoided all together.

It is the sincere mission of this organization to try to address these issues, to address things like depression, contemplating suicide, financial distress, how to get your life back on track, and so much more.

My hope is that through a personal relationship with God and Jesus Christ those that feel like they will never be whole again can find their center and move past the pain and feelings of desertion that comes with divorce.

Though divorce is more common now than ever before, there are very few organizations that have been put in place to help women recover from the truly destructive force that it can be.

Divorce is not something that anyone should ever have to struggle through alone and having a helping hand, someone that has been through the struggle, someone that can help ground you may be all you need to get started on your own healing.

Through prayer, we hope to help women find themselves again and foster a relationship with God and Jesus Christ so that they can find the strength to keep pushing and to keep moving forward toward a new, brighter future that is free of the pain of past divorce.

Draw for Women also works to make sure that those in the program can see just how much they have progressed, often seeing just a little bit of progress is enough to make anyone want to keep going.

Through coaching, retreats, workshops, personal outreach and so much more we at Draw for Women hope to help those that have suffered through divorce work through their personal struggle and start to see that they have more value than they could ever know.

For more information please visit to see just what we can do to help you on your road to personal recovery.



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