These stories were collected in the hopes of offering other women that are struggling with divorce in any stage the hope and the light that they need to continue their journey. The women who contributed their stories have felt immense pain and they want their own experiences to help those that are still struggling, are unsure, and need the extra help to find their own path to healing. Each story is as compelling as the last and illustrates how your own determination and devotion can change your path and help you stay on the path of light and recovery.


These stories include the testimonies of women that have dealt with abuse, abandonment, trials and tribulations, narcissism in their partner, and more. Their stories take you on a journey as they work through their circumstances to find that God truly does want them to be happy and live the purpose filled life that they have always dreamed of.


Are you looking forward to discovering your true God-given purpose? 

Is there a burning zeal that drives you toward your destination? Would you want to live a fulfilled life walking in God’s purpose for your life? 

Inside Truth Laced With Grace, you'll find answers to many of life's most pressing questions.


Divorce can be the hardest time in a woman’s life, and the feeling of brokenness can sometimes be overpowering.

Through personal testimony and leadership, every woman can find her inner peace and power to work through the brokenness that a divorce tends to leave behind. 

Finding peace after divorce is not the insurmountable task it may seem.

With the help of this book, you can learn to love yourself again and see how your personal testimony can minister to others who feel broken following divorce.

This book was written as a guide to every woman who is working through divorce or who is rebuilding her life after divorce. God has deemed you worthy, and with His guidance, anyone can overcome divorce, and become the powerful woman she deserves to be. It is my sincerest hope that this book will help you on your personal journey to recovery.


 When the trauma of divorce takes hold of you, this book will guide you to GOD and prayer, which will guide you through the hurt and many other emotions experienced before, during, and after divorce. It was so good it was hard for me to put down. I felt someone in this world understood me and my pain. Get the book. You will be grateful you did.

The first few weeks after divorce are often the hardest to deal with. Struggling against the feelings of inadequacy, anger, and sadness can take a toll on you and often finding a reprieve can help. "The 30 Day Life after Divorce Prayer Challenge for Women," offers those that are struggling with the days following divorce with an outlet for the tumult of emotions.


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