Draw4Women has come together to create a missions trip you will not soon forget. We will be taking a mission trip to Puerto Rico. Local pastors and churches in Puerto Rico have long been known for their welcoming stance toward missions trips allowing visitors to experience the rich culture and compassion that Puerto Rico has to offer.

We will be working with local churches and pastors to spread the word of God, of his love, his compassion, and his Grace. 

This mission trip will be life changing and will allow visitors to connect not only with God but with the pastor that set to assist you. 

Missions staff will help to insure that individual skills and testimony will be used to make the biggest impact while on the ground in Puerto Rico. By using the individual testimony of each member of the missions group, not only will those being ministered to be impacted, but you will as well.

Draw4Women has long used ministry to help spread the word of God and our tenants remain true. Draw4Women is active in prayer ministry, mercy ministry, evangelism, and women’s ministry and we hope to bring this unique perspective to all we will do while on our mission trip.

Missions Trip 2021

NOVEMBER 16th-18th, 2018


Beauty for Ashes Retreats, offers a safe place for women to share their story and to take comfort and healing in the power of Jesus Christ. It is the belief that each woman has a powerful story within that not only drives them, but that has
the potential to help heal others as well . 

Our retreats are designed to create the initial contact while further connections are created when women return home.

This mission trip is designed to provide the women of Columbia, as well as our participants, a safe place where they can share anything and everything that is on their hearts without shame. We hope to provide an outlet for expression of what may be on your heart, your mind, or your spirit and we wish to share the word of God and God’s love with the women of Columbia that have not had a chance to hear it.

We will be traveling to the City of Refuge Mission that is located in Medellin, Columbia to share the word of God with the women there. City of Refuge helps to serve those women that are coming out of homelessness, addiction, and in some cases, prostitution through a one-year Christ-centered restoration program. These ladies are in need of a bit of extra love and support that one can only get from embracing God and his word. Our focus will be on providing a daily Bible classes, counseling, and helping train women with valuable life skills that they can use once they transition back into normal life.





Requirements for the missions trip are simple, you must be a woman with a heart to serve other women, willingness to share your story, and you must be 18 years or older to attend. We hope to provide a place where women can learn from their past as well as the experiences of those around them.

Who should attend this trip?

We can accommodate all dietary needs but we'll need to be notified no later than 30 days prior to the event of any dietary need or restrictions you may have.

Can you accomodate my dietary needs?

Dress is relaxed and casual decent modest clothing is recommended.

What should I wear during the mission trip?

Yes. To reserve your spot you'll need to make a non-refundable deposit of $150. The remaining balance will be split into two payment. First payment must be made by September 1, 2018 and the second payment must be made by October 1, 2018.

Do you offer a payment plan?



Assist the local church in outreach by handing out Bibles, street evangelism, door-to-door visits, or sharing the gospel through DVD.

Women’s Ministry

To serve women in their time of need and to help teach women how to serve one another in times of spiritual need.

Mercy Ministry

Be the hands and feet of Christ as you visit and minister to those that others may have forgotten in orphanages, hospitals, prisons, senior centers, and shut-ins

Prayer Ministry

Bless communities through times of intercessory prayers during prayer walks or pray with local churches at a prayer meeting.


Includes food, lodging, t-shirt, journal, & ministry expenses.

*Airfare not included.*

9 Days

9 Nights

27 Meals







We'd love to have you partner with us to bring our message to every woman who's been impacted by the trauma of divorce. 

Help us spread the word that help and hope exists! 

Giving back is rewarding and simple to do with Divorce Recovery for Women. As a volunteer, you'll have tons of opportunities to empower and inspire women. 

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DRAW works to create unique opportunities for divorced women to share their testimony in a way that both positively impacts their own healing as well as inspires other women to heal. 

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